"Spring Is...," Fifth Grade, Mother Hale Academy

Spring is spending time in the park sitting on warm grass

Feels like running in the sprinklers and getting wet

Reminds me of when I first swam in the pool.

Sounds like kids running around in the park

Reminds me of when I found a friend to play with

Looks like a nice sunny day filled with flowers

Reminds me of when

I went on the monkey bars

Tastes like a chocolate ice cream in my bedroom.

Reminds me of hanging with my friends at my slumber party.

Spring is fun, breezy and warm.

Spring is my favorite season.

By Thyisha Tellechea

Spring is a time for people to relax and have fun with their family.

Feels like the time for the earth to get warmer.

Reminds me of the time I lived with my grandmother and the flowers we picked in her backyard.

Sounds like people are finally playing in the park.

Reminds of my sister and I playing tag outside in the grass.

Looks like it’s time for the flowers to bloom.

Reminds me of my father and I playing in the backyard.

Tastes like fresh air in the morning.

Reminds me of when we first moved into our very own house without my grandmother.

Spring is the season that makes me feel so good.

By Ryan Andrew Hazzard

Spring is the main event of the boxing match

Feels like a match between summer

Reminds me of the golden gloves

Sounds like birds chirping and knuckles crunching

Reminds me of ice cracking freezing water & heat melting ice

Looks like elements of earth fusing

Reminds me of icons & physical


Taste like a triple whopper with cheese stacked with onion rings & French fries

Reminds me of a sky land & saber tooth tigers as my guards

Spring is my meal and my planet but also the main event.

By Ricky Houston

Spring is a season that comes in the month of March. Spring is a very beautiful time of year to go out and play.

Feels like flowers are beginning to blossom. The weather is becoming warmer.

Reminds me of last year when I went to the park with my family. I was happy to play outside.

Sounds like children playing and having a good time in the warm weather.

Reminds me of playing with peers my age while drinking flavored water.

Looks like butterflies flying, children laughing, and everybody getting better.

Reminds me of birds singing the sounds of music to me.

Tastes like cold, delicious ice cream coming from the lady’s red and white ice cream box.

Reminds me of flavored water and all types of food.

Spring is the season that makes us come alive.

By Danielle Williams

Spring is
like a hot oven heating me up when I am cold.

Feels like me dropping in hot chocolate with marshmallos.

Reminds me of colorful blankets of ice cream.

Sounds like birds chirping on top of a tree

with nice leaves.

Reminds me of playing my video games in my house while drinking soda.

Looks like a rainbow with golden coins falling to the ground.

Reminds me of a nice cold cup of sunny delight on a hot day.

Tastes like cherry blossoms on a warm, relaxing evening.

Reminds me of me coloring a picture that I drew.

Spring is a special kind of season.

By Shelton Hughes

Spring is beautiful butterflies flying in the light blue sky.

Feels like everything is finally coming together.

Reminds me of sweet flowers, dancing in the breeze.

Sounds like freedom for birds and squirrels.

Reminds me of playing in the park with my friends.

Looks like green leaves are finally coming on the trees.

Reminds me of dying eggs with my family on Easter.

Tastes like fresh, cold water on a warm day.

Reminds me of the books that I made with Ms.Fairley .

Spring is every thing beautiful in my life.

By Tomasia Griffin

Spring Is when the beautiful butterflies come out.

Feels like my cousin and I playing games in the sun.

Reminds me of when the flowers grow in the garden.

Sounds like the wind and the sun are singing.

Reminds me of the kids playing in park.

Looks like the flowers dancing with the butterflies.

Reminds me of me going to the park to play with my friends.

Tastes like me eating cotton candy.

Reminds me of my cousin and I playing jump rope.

Spring is when we come out of school to play.

By  Gabrielle Salgado