"September 11, 2001," Noel Dardon, Eighth Grade, PS/IS 499

The Twin Towers were the largest towers in New York City.

The Twin Towers were a beautiful sight to see.

When the sun came up,

The shadow of the Twin Towers,

Lights up the city.

September 11, 2001 came, that day change NY forever.

Breaking News!

The Twin Towers has fallen,

An American Airline crashed into it.

Silence came into state.

Watching the towers representing our state,

Destroy by terrorists.

News helicopters, were recording the terrible scene.

People running in panic.

Police and fire officials run to the scene.

Trying to save as many precious lives as possible.


The Twin Towers has fallen to Earth’s ground.

Fiery hell has sent out ashes and smoke that can be seen all over NY.

Almost a thousand people died,

Twin Towers no longer exists.

Family and friends cry about deaths.

Five Years Later…

The Freedom Tower is in construction,

Where the Twin Towers stand.

Security increased and terrorists keep out.

One thing that nobody will never forget…