"Walls," Eliza Newman, 11th Grade, Beacon High School

Walls filled with posters of past times and taboos,
taped up tickets and band aids of little dancing Pooh’s.
Stickers from foreign trips, like England and China Town,
little notes from middle school telling me to boogie down.
Awards, prizes, ribbons, trophies, and plaques,
Australian flags, pictures from mags and a few other nick nacks.
Playbills, shoelaces, movie tickets and soda labels,
I even decided to tape up a shiny Hanukkah dreidl.
A basketball hoop, and big sunglasses, pictures of fond memories,
green and blue sheets of paper from my old diary entries.
Souvenirs, buccaneers, and a couple of bunny ears,
I love this junk, I always have, and I will for years and years.