"Transition," Terrence Norris, 10th Grade, Chelsea High School

Transition sounds like a change

Means working so hard and not playing games

Moving around

Not making a sound

But doing your job

And saying it proud

Get up and dance

And clap your hands

And scream out loud

We got our grant!


Computers, papers, pencils and pens

With all these supplies,

school’s our best friend

Laughter and joy and no boo hoo

From the Chelsea students we all say “Thank you!”


Don’t waste your lives

Don’t be a fool

Get up early

And come to school


Be smart

Be cool

Believe in yourself

And it will be smooth


The key to life

A heart world wide

I’m VESID and Co-Op Tech

Let me be your guide!


To happiness and glow

Just let it flow

To a world beyond

No one will know


Want to  be a plumber

It’s everyone’s dream

To flow through a stream

And always be clean


Want to be a hairstylist

To play with your hair

And weave and braid

And wash it with care


Work at a hotel

Choose what you do

Maybe show us around

Even to our rooms too


Learn and earn

And love your chores

Yen, Emee, and Judi

Will make you ask for more!


I’m puffy now melt me

I’m old and wealthy

And I’ll tell my children that

Good dreams are healthy


For the bones

For the brains

Just sit back and say

That I’ll be happy and successful someday


I want higher

I will always strive

To follow my dream

And outlive my life.