"No One Else but Your Best Friend," Sadia Nusrat, Eighth Grade, IS 220

the one you...
laugh with,
cry with,
fight with,
but say sorry to later to
the one you tell your secrets to
the one who is always there for you,
in your time of need, or
in your time to shine,
always by your side,
supporting you, entertaining you, and helping you,
the one known as your other half, or your twin,
the person you can't live without
the person you need in most days of your life
the one who you love to death,
and would be devastated if misery strikes them,
the one that brings joy to your life,
and wipes away all your tears
the one who keeps all evil out of your way,
and brings you glory
the one who is honest, and trustworthy,
who tells you-'' ooh, wear this, you look pretty'' or
''naw, that don't show you off.''
Who else can this person be-
but your other half, your secret
holder; the one and only…