Selection of Poems, Sixth Grade, PS/MS 105Q

Help Our Soldiers
Help our soldiers go back home,

Help our soldiers live and grow,

Sorrow they have,

Tears they cry,

Their families always pray at night,

Dying of hunger,

Dying of pain,

Missing their family everyday,

They beg for mercy,

To go back home,

So, once again, please…

Help our soldiers,

Before they go.

-Shataya Conley

War is Over

People are dying and the war needs to stop or else I’ll pop.

Bush is lying,

The kids in Iraq are dying.

I am so mad,

The kids are so sad.

War end please,

So Iraq can have peace. 

Bush please bring our troops back home.

Bush is bad,

He makes everyone so mad

-Awa Dieng