Selection of Poems, First Grade, PS 131K

 My Father
by John Reyes

My dad is fat.
He loves to eat junk food.
He plays games with me.
He sings with me.
He loves me and
I love my dad.

My Grandma
by Chris Ng
My grandma cooks for me.
My grandma shrugs when she doesn't know.
She takes me to the library.
She takes care of me.
I love my grandma.
Mahmuda Riya
I see a green frog
Sitting on a log
Eatting a hotdog
Playing with a hog
Chasing by a dog
Likes to jog.
by Vanessa Vasques
I saw a black cat,
Alseeps on the mat.
I saw a black cat,
Wearing a red hat.
I saw a black cat,
Chasing by a rat.
I saw a black cat,
That was very fat.