Selection of Poems, PS 152K

by Mya Rolon
Long green sticks
filled with pretty colors
with bees surrounding them.
A person's best friends.
 Box of Crayons
by Ritchy Isaac
A small magical place with a bunch
of rainbows.
Thousands of needles with all different colors
fit for a child's hand.
Each needle is a different color
with a matching blanket around each one.
by Isabelle Blavette
Feels cold or hot
Feels wood or steel.
Helps you pick up stuff
and do many things with them.
Helps you say hi, helps you say bye,
helps you hold on tight.
Helps you eat, helps you write,
you will use them all your life.
They are like your second eye.
by Sadia Rahman
Out in the fresh air
out in the night
nothing but a lamp
to keep me in the light.
I look up high
and what do I see
twinkling in the sky -
are little white dots
gleaming their colors,
staring out of
the black and blue sky
way up over me.
My Bed
by Yawanathan Joseph
My bed is so cool
My bed is so nice
My bed is the softest thing in sight.
When I sleep,
my bed makes no sound.
It goes up, up, up
Then down, down, down.
When I wake up
it's like a new world all around.
The Clock
by Lydia Holder
Tick tock
I hear a clock.
It has a big noise
but it is not a rock.
I hear it in the day
I hear it in the night.
I hear it everywhere
and it is not polite.

by Julian Ledesma
Oh, dear,
Oh, dear,
what can I say?
Just take my hand
and we will go away.
by Kalli Roye
I like school.
It is fun
and it helps me learn.
School makes me smile.
It is nice to
get to another grade.
I like school.
by Marquis Maitland
You have been away a long time.
Now you are here on Valentine.
It was a big wish,
now I am singing songs.