Selection of Poems, Fourth Grade, PS 35R

The River
The river flowing swiftly by
Like air passing as slow as a turtle
The river is calm
Calm like a baby sleeping, mindlessly....
The river with comfort
Like lying on a couch with your family
The river......
-Paul Brown

String out at the blue horizon
Watching waves tumble
about hidden sealive
Under the deep waters
Wavesare roaring and whispering
In a soft language to hard
to hear and understand
To understand the voice of the waves
You must listen with your heart.
Listen to the waves
Whisper and roar
Whisper and roar
Whisper and roar
-Alexandra Harris
Basketball is my favorite sport
I love to dribble the basketball
Up and down the court
When it's time for the game all
Of the fans know my name
When we are down to the final three
It's on me to lead my team
To victory.
I get excited you see
When the ball is passed to me
I think to myself
It's just the ball, the hoop and me
I love it when my mom goes wild
and I look at my dad and see him smile
God gave us gifts you see
He made each one of us different
You and me
-Destini March

Crayons can
Take you
Draw the deep
Blue sea
Swim with
The fishes
Their shimmering
Scales sparkle
Like the
Bright starry sky
Color the dark
Star lighted space
Play pinball
The planets
Meet different aliens
And greet them
Like you've
Known them
For years
Next go deep into
The soil
Scrunch up and squrim
Inch by inch
Friends are inchworms
The soil is a blanket
Of flowers above
You go back to
Reality but
Imagination is
Crayons make it come
-Julianna Romero