Selection of Poems, Third Grade, PS 41X

Ana Garcia


_When I am happy_

_I am like a star

flying to the moon.

When I am mad

I am like I'm in a war.

When I am scared

I feel like

the world

with no light.

When I am brave

I feel like

the strongest

girl in the


Stefphanie Batista


*_Sleeping, sleeping

I love sleeping

It's so nice and peaceful,

It's wonderful!

It relaxes your head

It refreshes your memories

Sleeping, sleeping

I love sleeping.

April Moore

_*Home Alone

*_I count my beads

While my parents are not home

Oh I hope they make it home tonight

When will I ever see them?

I put my beads away

Thinking and thinking

I look out and see

A red car coming up the driveway

Is it really them?

Yes it's my parents!

I run down the stairs

with excitement

As they come walking through the door

I dash into their arms

And give them

A big warm bear hug!


*Donelle Dunkley


*_At the Library

_*At the library

At the library

It is very quiet

So people

can study


I'm a loud person


I couldn't




*Joeliz Torres



_*Daddies throw you in the air

Tell you don't come back

Until you win that game

Laugh until your tired

Eat all you want

Pass the grade

Pass the test

Get gifts

Go on the right track.