Selection of Poems, Second Grade, PS 45Q

by Matthew Clarke
You might be getting older
But you can't forget your Gram
She was taking care of you until you turned a man
Since you were born, you remember your Gram
Don't forget now she's part of an important fam
If she wasn't there-you wouldn't be there neither
Even if she dies I won't forget her neither
Never disrespect your family elders
Whatever you do don't disrespect your Gram
Cause she was the one who brought you through,
took care of you, too.
All that's straight up true
It's your family rule to keep your Gram real cool
'Cause she only comes once in a lifetime.
by Jordan Gatewood
I love to sing
In the winter, fall, summer, and spring
I like to play, but I love to dance.
I sing and dance at every chance.
I wish I could go to the park and swing
as long as I can in the Spring
When I'm in the air
I look at the spring flowers
While I try to go as high
as the towers.
When I finish swinging
I like to ride my bike
Then I pick all the flowers I like.
It starts to rain because it is spring
So now I'll go home and do
my favorite thing
I love to dance and sing
In the winter, fall, summer, and spring.
Noisy, Noisy
by Kirnjit Kaur
It's noisy, noisy overhead, the birds are winging south
and every bird is opening a noisy, noisy mouth.
They fill the air with loud commotion, they honk, quack
and squawk - they do not feel like flying, but it's much
too far to walk!
Spring Is Here!  by Nia Gill
Kids are in cheer,
Spring is here!  Spring is here!
Flowers are blooming,
they are yellow and red
No one is sick in bed
Everybody is happy and no one is mad
Even the parents are glad!
My Sister
by Senai Haywood
My sister is pretty as can be
She is almost prettier than me!
She loves to laugh and she loves to dance
She loves to pull me by my underpants.
She loves to play every day
She also goes the right way.
She's not a follower,
She's a leader!
She is much of an inspiration
And bring loves to all foundations.
As you all know, I must now go
So as you can see, my sister really loves me!