Selection of Poems, Various Grade, PS 75X

 By Destinee Gonzalez, Fourth Grade
I look in the mirror;
And what do I see?
I see an angry person,
Just looking back at me.
I look again ,
Only to see...
A person confused
And  unhappy----
I look back once more;
And  what do I see?
I see  a beautiful girl,
Smiling back at me.
Then,  finally I see,
That all those girls...
Rain Acrostic Poem
By Tiyarra Smith, Third Grade
Raindrops drip
An umbrella is needed in the rain
I love the sound of the rain when it falls
Nobody should hate the rain because it is peaceful
My Color
By Tandy  James, Fifth Grade

People say words to
Bring me down.
They try to put me
A color is a color;
Nothing more.
My color is something
I adore.
My color is powerful.
Yes, it is.
I don't care what they say.
For example,
Look at Dr. Mae.
They look at me
and think I'm a mess;
But that's something
I don't stress.
I am Tandy;
And I am black.
I am proud and happy;
And that's a fact!