Selection of Poem, Fifth Grade, PS 75X

by Melanie Graciani

Born in New York City

No way to go but up

Grandpa gone

Nobody but my family


Sure I’ll see him again

But I have not

Where can he be

Who is he with


He’s probably in Texas or France

Or with his Mom or Dad

He’s still in my heart

I know that for a fact


Is he with my Grandma

Or is he with my Mom


But it’s time for me to face the fact

He won’t be coming back

DEMISE (to my Grandpa)
by Matthew McGuire

As December of 1945 goes by you grew up to be a nice guy

With only friends by your side

When you got to fourth grade you had to drop out

to take care of your Mom

Then in your twenties you found your love

My Grandma , your wife

Grandma was happy when you proposed to her

We loved you a lot

You had a daughter who had me

When I was born we had a bond


June of 2007, when I witnessed your demise

On Christmas day
by Tandy James

We laugh and play

Peppa pot is on the stove

Getting hot

Family talent show

There are no winners


Christmas cheers

You hear loud and clear

When it’s time to go outside

Everybody makes snow angels,

Big and wide

It gets sad when the time comes to stop the play

Everybody loves to have fun on Christmas day