"A Circle Free World," Sixth Grade, PS/IS 104K

A Circle Free World
by Sara Hassanein

A Circle Free World

That means….

No more pepperoni

No more area

No more eye pupils

No more circumference

A Circle Free World

That means….

No more wheels

No more soccer

No more sun

No more moon

A Circle Free World

That means….

No more world

by Zainb Hemeda

Squares have four sides

triangles have three

hexagons have six sides

but a circle has none

it doesnt have a right angle

it doesnt have any sides

but one thing it does have is something no other shape has and that is............

a circumfrance, a radias and a diameter

a world without circles is so hard to believe

there wouldnt be any cars,

there wouldnt be any coins,

and how will i live without round sunglass lenses

now you see what torture it would be if there were no circles in this little place

in this little place i like to call earth

A Circle Free World
by Jason Cruz

A world without circles would be boring for most people because of

No sports as Soccer,Baseball,Basketball,and the worst part no paint ball

And no beads for the BeBe gun.