Selection of Poems, Various Grades, Lillian Rashkis High School

Exposed Emotions
by John Franceschi

Happiness, sorrow, jealousy, envy,
These are the emotions that finally
play their tune,
releasing me from the dark shell
that has consumed me all these years.
It is still new to me, I'm like a dog
that has been chained up into a
sheltered life of horrors and pity,
shame and fury, living life
on a trial of memories.
The person I know has brought me new life
and made me who I should have been,
a leader, a guardian and a true soul.

Sea Life
by Kevin Maddix
Sometimes I wish I could just glide in the water
like a shark.
Ride on the current of the sea, swim like a jellyfish
with no destination.
I could be big and graceful as a whale or large
and aggressive like a tiger shark.
When I am hungry, I'll eat any and everything
getting in between me and my path.
Sometimes I wish I could hide in my shell,
like a hermit crab, to protect myself
from the rage of the world.

Crying Tears
by Felicia Viquez

The world of a crying tear
A circle of word without any meaning
being described as a lie of no return
A tear of drops of blood that falls
Dripping one by one, quickly tired of falling
but not being able to escape
From a mind of broken dreams
drying into resentment of no return
A shadow that does not show
In the world of my heart and soul