"What is Blue?" Regina Gavagan, Sixth Grade, PS 207

Blue is the whooshing waves of the ocean roaring, nudging gently at the ankles of swimmers.
Blue is a berry pie that is sweet with a tart aftertaste, like real berries, with juice gushing out of the fruit.
Blue is a lake too cold to approach, like ice cubes waiting to cool a liquid down.
Blue is how you feel when you are deeply depressed inside, and want to break down and cry.
Blue is how you feel when you want to run and hide to somewhere kinder than the cold outside.
Blue is the afternoon daylight, as bright as the Sun with no clouds at all.
Blue is a festive celebration, full of bright colors and tons of things to do.
Blue is Jazz music you feel as if you can play a saxophone and piano along to it.
Blue is the color of sorrow; of losing hope for anything positive to occur.
Blue is a shimmering sapphire, reflecting light into the eyes of anybody who chooses to look at a beauty like this.
Blue is a color in the American Flag, representing our country's Freedom and Independence.