"Untitled," Joseph Santeramo, Eleventh Grade, James Madison High School

To always be alone and never missed.
That's how my past seemed to exsist.
Being dead inside.
Left not much to hide.
It left me as dull as the side of a broken sword.
Even though my past is not to be discussed only with the one i love.
She will know the truth as i come bearing a dove.
She came along one day with her innocence and beauty.
I realize now that only you can mend my broken heart.
You make the sun shine on a rainy day.
I love it when you look my way.
She awoke feelings that i thought were extinguished.
She made the days beautiful again and now that they are i can finally enjoy them with her.
I want to look in her eyes and feel loved and have her by my side and prove that nothing can interfer with the love we share.
It's the strongest bond that not even the gates themselves can bare.
The greatest feeling would be to be kissed by her.
She has such power over me,when shes near i fall breathless on my knees.
She has the keys. 
But I hope soon she will see that she means the world to me. And that in my arms is the safest place to be
I love you with all my heart,soul and body.