Selection of Poems, Third Grade, PS 206Q

"Baseball," Yash Dave, Third Grade, PS 206Q

Baseball, baseball,

There's so much stuff,

I can't get enough.

Homeruns, hits,

Singles, doubles, triples.

Big bats, short balls,

Short bats, big balls.

Mercy rules, innings,

Homeruns, hits,

There's so much stuff

I can't get enough.

I like baseball!


"Inside Poem," Daniel Lukabu, Third Grade, PS 206Q

Inside, I hear the music in the movie theater.

Inside, the smell of popcorn floats across my seat.

Inside, I taste the sourness of Sour Patch.

Inside, I move my hand over to my drink.

Inside, I see lots of people sitting down.


"Dogs, Dogs, Dogs," Kristine Rivera, Third Grade, PS 206Q




Big, tall, white Poodles

Light brown Golden Retrievers

Black and white Border Collies

Fat, small Bulldogs

Funny looking Pugs

The great one of all is......



"Things," Ayush Shah, Third Grade, PS 206Q

Went to the corner

Walked to the toy store

Bought a parachute soldier

Ain't got it no more

Ain't got it no more.

Went to the baseball stadium

Watched a game

Bought me a baseball bat

Ain't got it no more

Ain't got it no more.

Went to the park

Played with my friends

Had fun

Still got it

Still got it.