Selection of Poems, Seventh Grade, PS 207K

"The Paper of Meaning," Michelle Chan, Seventh Grade, PS 207K 

I gaze at a painting,
it is full of many colors,
each has its own meaning,
among other colors,
I take out my sketchbook
and sketch what I can see,
taking a look at nature,
helping to calm and relax me.
Sketching can be tough,
but I can still find a way
Yet figuring out the colors
isn't really rough
When I'm finished I take my tools
I decide what to color,
I decide what to add,
I find my meaning of rules
Red, the color of fury,
blue, the color of the sad little girl,
orange is the excitement inside,
green, the color of happiness,
yellow, the color of calmness,
gray, the color of clouds ready to pour,
white, the color of clean, fresh snow
My painting is full of meaning
Yet it started as an idea,
to sketch to a paper of meaning...

"Friends," Brianna Riviezzo, Seventh Grade, PS 207K 
These are people we know and  cherish,
And never want the memories to perish,
They are there for us,
Just like we are there for them.
These people are fun to be around,
So we never feel close to the ground,
Since we have fun together,
We feel like the day should never end.
These people who I talk about,
Are always there, no doubt,
They are with us always.
In our hearts,
And in our minds,
Our friends are one of a kind.

"My Leg Brace," Meagan MacBride, Seventh Grade, PS 207K
Dancing around the stage
A slip made my knee dislodge
No more dancing
In two weeks time
My brace will be off

"Lost," Rebecca Levy, Seventh Grade, PS 207K
I am lost
Lost in a sea of dreams
Gone from where I know
I am lost in these people
Fakes, that I cannot see
"Help!" I call
No one turns,
I am lost here
in this wasteland
Can anyone find me?
Help me!
I am here

"Tall," Sean Sullivan, Seventh Grade, PS 207K
I am tall
6'1" to be exact
I am the tallest person in the school!
I tower over the 2nd graders and
they look up at me like I
am a skyscraper.
Some kids are almost as tall
as me, but not as tall as me.
I am tall

"The Strange Feeling," Peter Arena, Seventh Grade, PS 207K
This feeling is strange
My body starts to hurt
It's a feeling I never felt before
It reminds me of a scary day
A sad day
The day Death took my aunt
His large hands engulfing her in darkness,
but a light came - she rose up to Heaven
with her husband waiting.
I know this feeling now
The feeling of forever love
and I will see her again