Selection of Poems, First Grade, PS 236K

"Untitled," Brian Spiewak, First Grade, PS 236K
Roses are red, violets are blue
Sponges are yellow and green
Sponge Bob is full of colors
Frogs are green and other colors 
I like animals

"Thunder," Jordan Fernandez, First Grade, PS 236K
Ka-bom! Ka-bom! Thunder
rumbled rumbled so loud
it scares the whole town
everyone goes back home
then it was sunny again.

"For Mom," Joanne Krivoshaev, First Grade, PS 236K
I love you Mom
kiss me on the cheek
love love love love love
I just love my Mom

"Dogs," Aryel Mukamal, First Grade, PS 236K
Dogs are cute and they
are hungry
some bite and some lick
they Love to Walk
and play and be
"The World," Robert Arena, First Grade, PS 236K
The World is gorgeous.
The World has beeyouteafall girls
The World has
beeyouteafull boys.
The World is Good.
It feels like Gold.
The World makes time.