Selection of Poems, Various Grades, PS 35R


By Dylan Salzberg, First Grade

I wish I cood lay down

On a clound

And flot

On a big cloud

And a cloud is like

A flafe pillow

Poem LaLa

By Matt DeCarlo, Kindergarten 

The air is like a batterfly

With frail blue wigs

The happy erith looks at the sky

And sings

The House That Ruth Built

By Ben Smith, Fourth Grade

Yankee Stadium is soft green grass.

It’s as soft as a baby’s cheek.

But the competition is as hard as a rock.

When you come to Yankee Stadium you remember the legends

Like Mantle, the Babe, and Munson.

But when I go there I think of the championships won there.

Determination runs through their eyes for another 27th championship.

It looks like a battle between two teams like

Georgetown and Syracuse.

Bitter rivals played in Yankee Stadium.

Like Yanks and Dodgers

Yankees and Mets

And of course the Red Sox.

You could say it’s just a stadium.

But it’s not just a stadium,

It’s the House That Ruth Built.