Selection of Poems, PS 37R


Untitled, Stefan McDonald, Gilje Batista, Kevin Martinez, Donnell Grandison, Arjun Singh, and Christian Campione, Age 11-14, PS 37R

Morning is bright

Showers passed last night,

Cherries bloom, birds fly.

Now it’s time to get to school,

Instead of dreaming of the pool.

Have to do my schoolwork,

Do not look outside

Listen to my teacher’s voice

In "delight".

Can’t wait to get home

And ride my bike

And rollerblade while it is light.

When it gets dark

It is time to go home,

To play a computer game or

Talk on the phone.

Next day, I’ll start over again

Friday is near

The weekend will be here.

Cannot wait to get

To school, and

Dream of the sun,

The blooms and the pool.


"Numbers," Christian Campione, Age 11, PS 37R 

Numbers, numbers


I put them in every


Big and small

Short and tall

Numbers, numbers