Selection of Poems, Second Grade, PS 38K

"Sad," Damani Luces, Second Grade, PS 38K

When you feel

sad you want

to be bad

and mad you

always want

stuff your

stuff your way.


Fireman & Mudman, Julia Shaler dos Santos, Second Grade, PS 38K

Fireman is firey.

Mudman is muddy.

Fireman can dodge your water.

Mudman is hotter.

Fireman can cut your leather.

Mudman can blend in your leather.

Fireman and Mudman together.


"My Dad," Joshua Carter, Second Grade, PS 38K





Kind to me

Finally gone.


"Blanket," Cyrus Harden, Second Grade, PS 38K

Blanket in the morning

Blanket in the night




Moon and Stars.



"Grandma That Had a Crash," John Raffaele, Second Grade, PS 38K

My Grandma called on

the phone now she is

in the hospital on 8th Ave

and 4th St we ran to 65St

to see the car crash I

saw it too my aunt

Susan heard the car

crash it was like

boom on 65St

it was from the

front right light to the

front right door it

was a good thing

that she was not

on that side but

her leg is broken

so that night I

stayed with Aunt Susan

I love my Grandma.


"Jumping," Sommore Robinson, Second Grade, PS 38K

You jump right

in and start to

skip up and down

and count to ten

and jump right

out and start

all over again!!


"The Sad Day," Jaden Riley-Collins, Second Grade, PS 38K

Being sad is not fun you

cry rain from your eyes

it’s just like your eyes

are like a cloud.

When the eye fills up with water it floods

lightening strikes your eye to be sad!

I hate crying.



"My Hamster," Clivenson Dynasty, Second Grade, PS 38K

My hamster

runs and runs

for hours and hours

He’s getting strong

each minute

but one day his heart

couldn’t take it

He passed away

all gone.


"Grandpa," Salwa Najmi, Second Grade, PS 38K

He died a day

I was not there

I was afraid

I really cared.


"Mad," Soleil Wright, Second Grade, PS 38K




I hurt again

I stop

I scream again

I yell again

I calm down

but still am mad.



"A Cloudy Day," D'Avian Stewart, Second Grade, PS 38K

When the wind goes whish

and the thunder cracks

the clouds cover up the

beautiful sky  and

the sunshine goes away.



"The Cold Rock," Everay Mer-Khut, Second Grade, PS 38K

A rock sits on the ground

Wind goes by

The rock is cold

It’s a cold rock

rain trembles down

Storm comes down

It’s a cold rock

And it can’t move.



"A Rainy Day," Ameena Marty, Second Grade, PS 38K

Rain is



I step

in puddles

splash  splash

when the








      splash  splash