Selection of Poems, At Promise Program, PS 445R Port Richmond High School

"Old Age of No Fear," Geneva Rose Houston, PS 445R

Must I sleep to overlook fear?

Shall I drift away as time passes?

As I grow old to become wise,

No I become grand!

Powerful stronger than ever!

I have realized from my Grands,

I have awakened from this sleep

Of doubt, of pride, of life

This age of wisdom

This age of no fear

I have realized that old age

Is peaceful, graceful, heartful

Full of life, this age of no fear

Devoted to family

Devoted to love and happiness

Devoted to time and passion

"In Memory of Joseph R. Gray Sr.," Claire Gray, PS 445R 

What are you to do,
What are you to say,
When the life of one you know and love,
Starts to slip away?
When the sun forgets to shine,
The moon, forgets to rise,
When the only things you feel,
Are this numbing pain,
And the tears dripping from your eyes.
Your words all turn to cries,
Your mind just draws a blank,
You cant eat,
You lose sleep,
It suddenly gets hard to even think...

Then the pain hurts even deeper,
When the Lord, 
Decides to take him away,
To his final resting place
In the world so high up above
And the pain just doesn't seem to stop,
Because hes the only one you can think of.

Your heart breaks a little more,
With each passing day.
Just knowing you'll never see him again,
Makes the thought of happiness,
Seem so far away.

Then the day of the funeral comes,
And your heart breaks more inside,
You kiss a rose,
Gently place it on his coffin,
Still, not wanting to say goodbye.
All the happy times you spent together,
Now, just painful memories.
Looking at old pictures of the both of you,
Missing how back in the day,
Everyone was so happy...

When you go to his house,
You still expect grandpa,
To be sitting in his chair.
But then, reality hits,
When you walk through the door,
And you see that hes not there.
As you walk throughout the house,
You can feel his spirit still lingering.
And your eyes water once again,
From the heartache that the truth is triggering.
The truth that you'll never see him again,
Never again hear him speak or say "I love you",
The truth that he wont be there,
When you finally fall in love,
The day you say "I do",
And he wont ever meet your children,
The way that you wanted him to...

But I'm happy that hes in a better place now,
Because I know he was hurting,
So much inside.
And I know that he'll live on through my father,
Because I can see it in his eyes....



 "Inner self," Marqnisha Young, PS 445R   


Where is she? What is she doing?

What can she see? I hope she’s ok!!


Thoughts run in my mind as I search for my inner self wondering what am I doing and where did I go… To get so close to myself and for me to disappear into nowhere how can myself escape from me...


Damn Nisha! What did you say? What did you do? So many questions… Endless time flying around… No question answered... Wait im confused! Where am I?... Am I disappearing too!... It can’t be! Some thing is taken over… I seem to forget what! But I know it’s strong… How can I be losing myself to this thing, stranger, vision, monster, object, friend, spirit, lover… Damn Nisha! I think you went to far you said you were going for a walk and maybe a jog. But now it’s like you took a trip… a trip around the frozen walls in your heart…where the love streams fall but never alone... You took that trip… No one is found and your body is missing…The frozen walls begin to melt one by one as your love streams dripping …