Selection of Poems, 12th Grade, James Madison High School

School Days
Faina Dendze

an empty classroom
them dragging slowly on
"it's going to be on the regents!" the
teacher says, too bored to
roll her eyes as a collective sigh of apathy
fills the empty room
and settles on the dusty chalkboard.
by Nicholas Greene

The battle has just begun but the war is torture,
It's a classy gril to a broke man, we can't afford her.
Fighting for democracy in countries to make them hot,
But shouldn't they say if they want democracy or not?
Good intentions but my girl starts arguments
Staying with her is where the sorrow is.
But another girl trying to steal me and make me her boo,
But if I cheated on her, wouldn't I cheat on you?
People are brain dead with master degrees,
Graduating from Harvard with PhDs.
So stupid but where can we put the fault?
Pass exams but can't grasp how to pass me the salt.
They wanna talk about money so infatuious
Saying money is just a thing, it can't buy happiness.
Having money isn't nothing, don't have to be about it
So why do people struggle when they live without it?
Frustration and tension just trying to fit in,
Classified as a loser, just trying to win.
What determines success, is it surpass the flesh?
We sould learn to live ourselves and live with no regrets.
by Samantha Mighty

So, I'm sitting in this class and my teacher told me to write something. A poem. And she gave us some topics and put them on the board and led us on our way. So, I'm trying to write something. ANYTHING! But....NOTHING! My mind is blank. So here is my poem. My thoughts. My work of art. My story of absolutely nothing.
A Dream Deferred
by Ronit Pesachovich

One day I wanted to see myself on TV,
Wanted the lime light to shine down on me.
The next day I was bouncing a basketball,
Thought I'd be in the WNBA standing tall.
The they told me I ain't got no class,
I knew money was the reason why I could't last.
I was shotting them balls, nothing but net,
But they shoved my face in the dirt, threat after threat.
Like a flower soaks up the sun, I soaked up societie' lies.
While I was doing my thing, having fun,
They watched my every move while in disguise.
They say America is the land of opportunity,
But all I'm subjected to is mockery and scrunity.
Living the good life ain't for everyone,
We were promised streets paved of gold
But all we do is work like mules,
We work for money that ain't even enough for tools.
Life isn't fair if you weren'y born into money,
If only we could all be equals in a land of milk and honey.
by Anna Liu

My day "was" greaty,
Even though it took a while for the bus to come.
I didn't mind it much though,
Cause my cousin, Ed, bumped into me,
And he always cracks me up with his stupididity.
Then we walked to school after the train ride.
During scanning, I was bumped by two other friends.
I had a happy start.
My gym teacher was absent,
So we had an early dismissal.
When I was on my way to my poetry class,
Someone lingers in my mind....
And there he was.
Standing, leaning against the wall.
A weak and annoyed feeling comes to me,
I didn't want him to see me.
So I stood behind a wall where he couldn't see me.
When the bell rang, I waited a good few seconds,
Hoping he'd be in class before I walk past,
But he stood still.
And I had no choice but to continue walking,
Due to all the crowdedness in the halls.
A few students bumped into me,
While the weak, evervated feeling continues,
A sense of uselessness came to me,
Generating a sick, tired and hopeless atmosphere.
by Katie Nurik

There's three months until
Graduation and moving away
But time is standing still.
I look at the calendar and now it's May.
Everyone is sad about that June date,
But I just can't wait.
If I stay here
Nothing will change, and I'll be influenced by a bad peer.
I am a buoy
and my friends are a heavy weight.
The more a struggle to stay above water,
The more I learn that it's getting too late.
I soon will be engulfed by the ocean
So I need to change my fate
And begin a new motion.
Because there's nothing more I would hate
than to drown.