Selection of Poems, Sixth/Seventh Grade, IS 125Q


When I hug you in sadness
You kiss me in happiness
You let my spirit be free
You say I love you
I say I need you
You're the love of my life
You put your hands in mine
And speak of words unspoken
I Love You!
-Melissa Kimberly Rodriguez
Seventh Grade

The soul is what keeps us alive
It's a beacon of light
To help us in our darkest hours
Do you want to keep the soul
Caged up like a bird?
Or set it free and let it fly?
The choice of setting it free
Or keeping it caged up
Like a bird
Is yours
So take all the time you need
-Arnold Wong
Seventh Grade
He was crippled
But only his body was cracked.
It is not simple
Nor is it an easy matter to  explain
Let us juyst leave it at that, she says
And closes the holy book of lies.
She covers her eyes,
Denying to herself
What she knows is unavoidable
-Andrea Apolo and Bianca Stulic
Seventh Grade

My Family
My family is like a science project.
Dad is the big poster that supports the whole set.
Mom is the small detail that makes us stand out.
My brother is the little mistake that ruins the project.
And I am the big report that makes the project complete.
-Tamima Tabussum
Sixth Grade

My Family is Like TV Shows
"Scrubs"  is my mom because she is a nurse.
My dad is the History Channel because he knows all about history.
"Barney"  is my little sister because she loves him.
I am "Mythbusters" because I am curiouis about things I hear.
-Karim Alagasi
Sixth Grade

My Family is A Flower
My family is a flower.
My dad is the root because he supports the family.
My mom is the stem because she holds the family together.
My brother is the leaves because he is the smallest one.
I'm the flower, pretty and important.
-Kenia Yungaicela
Sixth Grade

Love is a natural feeling inside you
Love is a passion
It's your prized possession
Love is like a tingling feeling in your stomach
Love is a handful of shooting stars
Love moves on and on
But trust that you will find that special one
-Kevin Castro
Seventh Grade