Selection of Poems, Third Grade, PS 131K

Ruth Quiles
Some principals are good,
But not this one who is living
In our neighborhood
She is an enthusiastic and  a congenial principal

She won the Time Warner Principal for Excellence  and the Cahn
Fellowship Awards in 2007
She won because she is a great leader
She cares about the kids and the teachers.
I hope that she wins one award every year.

Her name is Ruth Quiles,
She is the most famous principal in New York City
She’s courageous enough to try to make everyone get a 4.

 by Fatema Lovely

The Mirror

I hate mirrors,

Mirrors are mean,

They copy your movements

And do whatever you do.

This is why I don’t like mirrors

They like to play around with you

But the only reason why I like mirrors is because they help you

See how you look!

by Fariha Tanha

Do Not List

Do not put the skunk in a bunk,

Do not drive a car when you are drunk,

Do not play games with names,

Do not tame with flames,

Do not lurk with a berserk,

Do not do homework with you can do artwork,

Do not eat cake when it is still in bake,

Do not play with snake when it is fake,

Do not smoke when you are awoke,

Do not drink coke because you can choke,

And the final rule is: DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LIST


by Pranab Das


Spring is here

Spring is here

You can feel it in the air

Flowers are growing

Flowers are blooming everywhere

Rain is falling down from the sky

It will help the flowers continue to grow beautifully

The sky is blue and the sun sparkles all around

Everyone is in a happy mood to see

The sun shining everyday

The birds are chirping and singing merrily

The people are happy because spring is here.

by Yi Xi Pan

The Boy Who Never Flossed

There was a boy named Pranab Das

Who played games and refused to floss

Because of this crime

His teeth rot in time

Now you all know to always floss

by Pranab Das


illary was born in October 26, 1947 in Chicago

In 1977 she married Bill Clinton

Little Rock is a club she joined in 1977

Lady in U.S. history

A promise was made that she would run for president in 2008

Really loves sports and her church

Yale Law school in 1969

College Wellesley she graduated

Later  while in Yale Law School she met Bill Clinton

In 1980 her daughter Chelsea was born

November 7, 2000 she was elected New York senator

The 12 years Hillary served she was Arkansas’s First Lady

On her active role as a politician in 1993

November 9, 1916 she was elected to the house of congress

by Mandy Ho
Mrs. Quiles

Mrs. Quiles is an outstanding principal

Reads to my class wonderful books

She is dedicated to her job

Queen of PS 131K

Understanding and looks for solution to all our problems

Interested in making sure all kids learn

Lovely and brilliant

Excellent at leading our school

Smart at everything she does

by Yessenia Bravo


Flowers are blooming

The sun is rising

The birds are chirping

Children are screaming

I think I’m dreaming.

The season of winter has just ended.

It is time to get rid of our winter clothes

And take out our lovely colorful spring clothes.

Time to cheer and play outdoor.

Time to smell the fresh air

Time to see the butterflies fly in the air.

Spring has just arrived!

by Melissa Bernard

Got in Trouble

I didn’t listen to my mom

I got in big trouble

I made up my own rules,

My mom thought I was a real fool.

I made funny faces

And I untied by shoelaces

My mom gave me tons of chores to do

I managed not to do them.

Instead I got into more trouble  with my parents

But I learned a BIG LESSON

I must always listen to my parents.

by Ibrahim Azad


Spring is soon coming

Flowers soon begin to bloom

Spring has just arrived

by Victoria Douglas


Spring has just arrived

Flowers are now blooming

Spring is in the air

by Xiu Xiu Li

When I Get Mad

When I get mad, I get an attitude

I don’t feel like giving any gratitude.

When I get mad, I really behave bad.

When I get mad, you don’t want to be near me

Cause I get really mad.

I guess I need to change my attitude and

Not be so mad at the world.

Maybe I can learn from people who don’t

Get mad like me.

by Allan Saari