Selection of Poems, Third Grade, PS 148Q

by Cindy Cajamarca

bright and shiny
so shiny
that you never get
to see it up close
it shines
in the summer and into spring
it goes down at night
oh, shiny little sun please
come back next day
it is shiny so shiny sun
you look like an orange and yellow pillow
My Butterfly
by Leslie Cordero

I love my butterfly
pinkand sweet!
flies during spring and flies softly
It's colorful colors turn
pink and yellow just light colors
so it won't get eaten
An, insect! Different sides
I love my butterfly!
green little eyes in the middle
wings that fly!
like the number eight!
I love my butterfly!
by Musarrat Haque

Roses are red
wet and soft
thorns on the bottoms
bright red popping in spring
in the forest
waiting to be picked up
and be take care of......OUCH!
I just got pricked by a thorn but it was worth it
that rose was so beautiful
Roses are red
by Bella Puell

like a dog
but wilder
hunts animals
eats its predator
lives in a forest
hunts in packs
lIs wounded without the pack
howls at night
sleeps.... in the forest
hiding in the trees
soft fur
sharp claws
sniffs  from far away
running to attack its predator
My Kitty Cat
by Yesenia Rojas

my kitty cat is cute
his name is prince
I love to hug and kiss him
he is so fluffy and furry
he likes to purr
he's small and loveable
nice and sweet
Kitty jumps up and down
for his food
he is trained and very smart
MY Kitty Cat
by Alex Leon

gray, white sharp teeth
eats it's prey
it's evil
big fish mean and scary
has more fins
if its teeth fall off
it grows another one
eats little fishes
swims around the big ocean
the big shark is like
a box with fins
as, it swims in
the deep dark blue sea