Selection of Poems, Various Grades, PS/IS 155K

Delicious Apple
by Brandon Parchment, Third Grade

There was a cute girl named Precious,
who had an apple that was delicious.
She didn't want to share it,
because the apple was bit.
Her friends thought it looked luscious.

by Esther Aloba, Fourth Grade

Education is the key,
to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
Education is the key,
to a successful future.
So pick up the key,
and open the door.
Enter and never turn back

by Faheem Dozier, Fourth Grade

Did you ever smell the Spring? I have!
Have you ever heard the joy and the laughter of Spring? I have!
Have you ever seen the sun smiling happily?  I have!
Have you ever seen images in the rain? I have!
Have you ever noticed the stars shining brightly? I have!
Have you seen? Have you seen?
I have smelled, heard, seen, and noticed the Spring!

About Summer
by Rashaun Olive, Third Grade
One evening my mom and I were bored.
So we went to the beach.
It was fun.
I like kites they always flew.
When I look at the sea it is blue.
I see sand its very brown.
When I made a joke my mom frowns.
I like to make sand castles and other stuff.
When I made a sand castle it looks buff.
My mom said it was a bummer.
And that's how I spent my summer.

My Neighbor
By Angel Perez, Third Grade

My neighbor, my neighbor
She is very kind.
She never whines.
My neighbor frowns
When she sees me down.
My neighbor is funny
When she plays with my tummy.
My neighbor is nice
When she helps me with my rhymes.
That's why I treasure
my neighbor because
she's a pleasure.

"Wolves of the Moon"
by Jayson Abreu, Fourth/Fifth Grade

Wolves are powerful creatures
With silky fur and beautiful features
When spotting prey, they attack so swift
When running back home, they run like the wind
Up on a cliff, howling so loud
Staring at the moon- in a pitch black shroud.

by Maryluz Rosado, Fourth Grade
Different strokes for different folks
just the way I like it
because if the world was the same
ohh what a shame
if everyone was the same
it would be a fight
And it would last all day and night
I am glad we are different
as different can be
Because that's the way it's supposed to be.

Cinquain Poem
by Devon Fredankey, Second Grade
colorful, small
flying, hunting, building
beautiful, graceful, smart animals

Cinquain Poem
by Daven James, Second Grade
cold, snowy
sledding, skiing, ice skating
fun time making snowmen

My Neighbor
by Justin Lopez
My neighbor helps me
when I'm down.
My neighbor is fun
to be around.
My neighbor makes food for me.
my neighbor does all these things, you see.
My neighbor took me
to the Yankee's Stadium
and there we sat
at the podium.

Cinquain Poem
by Krishawn George, Second Grade
hexagon ring
kicking, punching, head locking
exciting, happy, thrilling time

by Isaac Mack, Kindergarten
Little kittens are cute
Little kittens run
Little kittens sit
Little kittens jump.

by Andy Flores, Kindergarten
In Spring time we can play football
In Spring time we can play basketball
In Spring time we can play baseball
In Spring time me and my brother
can play freeze-tag
I like Spring!

by Shaniya, Kindergarten
Cats lick.
Cats eat.
Cats run.
Cats walk.
Cats jump.
Cats play.

The Sky
 by Neesa Doolchan, Fourth Grade
The sky is blue.
The sky is red.
The sky has so many colors,
That it explodes my head.
Colors here, colors there,
I see colors everywhere.
Colors so bright,
Colors so light,
So many colors, such a sight

by Kayleah Reefer, Second Grade

Kind to all.
Always smiling.
Your friend.
Learning Student
Exceptionally brilliant.
Always ready.
Having fun.