Selection of Poems, Second Grade, PS174Q

Wonderful Summer!

By Diana Barayeva


Summer, I love you

So, so much,

You’re the best of all seasons!

Bees, birds, butterflies too,

Oh summer, how I love you!

The sun will shine every day,

And children will go out to play,



Summer Is

My Favorite Season Of All

By Westine Leung



Summer means my birthday,

And swimming in the pool,

Or at the beach,

Playingin the park to cool down.

Or on vacation in a hotel,

Having an adventure,

And no school...




When I Grow Up

By Antonio Lopez


When I grow up,

I want to be

A paleontologist,

Who digs for fossils,

And bring them to museums...

When I grow up.


When I’m Grown

By Alice


When I grow up,

I want to...

   Visit China,

   Be a doctor,

   Or a lawyer.

   I would also

   Like some

   Children of my own.

   ...When I’m grown!


When I’m Grown

By Kanti Kay


When I grow up

I want to be an astronaut,

And see different kinds of

   Asteroids and planets,

And travel in a spaceship,

And I will get knowledge

About our solar system...

When I’m grown!