Selection of Poems, Fifth Grade, PS 185

Graduation Day
by Jamie Vento

Its Graduation day,

Hip hip hooray!

We might be scared,

We might be fearful,

But here’s a fact the audience will be cheerful.

It’s our time,

To enjoy ourselves and shine.

While the principle is being kind,

Our eyes our going blind.

Like the moon and the sun,

We are having so much fun,

It is here its is now,

The time our frown,

Goes upside-down.

I can hear my mom saying:

I am so proud,

But I wouldn’t hear

Because the audience was so loud.

Good-bye fellow teachers,

Good-bye fellow school.

Good-bye my old classmates,

For this school is so cool.

10 people off the line,

And a lot more to go,

We all are still waiting,

While the clock moves so slow.

Good-bye old office and library books,

I sure will miss you,

And the way the lunch ladies cook.

Good-bye school water,

And fountain clickers too,

We won’t get any shorter,

And neither will you.

20 people off the line,

It’s like a short growing,

But moving vine.

We stand here this day,

But there’s one important thing,

Our faces have smiles.

by Gabriel Muniz

A storm that is winding

Wisping through the air

Spiraling violently

Destroying without care

Survival! Survival! Is all you can think.

For all you know your blood has turned pink.

You think of planes, trains and cars.

But suddenly you get the feeling you’re starting to sink.

Help! Help! You shout in disappear.

Wishing you are at home eating a pear.

Knock, Knock you shout who’s there.

You see Washington’s army at the door.

Giving you food and a place called home

Little Worlds
by Christopher Mallia

I make up worlds

Inside of my head

But you may prefer

The real world instead

These worlds I make up

I think they are cool

In these worlds

There is only one rule

Just have fun

That is the rule

You can be what you want

Even a silly ghoul

Completely insane

Is what it seems

But please don’t laugh

These are my dreams

Now you know

About the world in my brain

I hope you don’t think

That I’ve gone insane

Spring break
by Alyssa Proscia

Spring break is here spring break is here.
Everyone scream and shout.
Spring break is here.
Everyone lets go out.
Shopping with friends, money to spend how you can ever go wrong.
I don’t want it to end, no I don’t
this is where I belong

by Yassine

There was once a man named Stan.

He went to go buy a van.

Then he drove to a store to get a pan.

He went to the beach and found a clam.

After that he drove home and found a lam.

by Somaya Abdelahdi

Just imagine relaxing in the sunset

The sun going down in all different colors

Pink, purple , blue, orange, and more!

The dark has come out of nowhere but the sun will come out soon

Now it is morning, sun comes out

I guess you have to wait for the sunset

The sun is going down and down

And finally the sunset has come out

The sunset has come its better then ever

Imagine you’re in the beach your feet all the way in the sand water splashing on your feet

The sun is going down gently and gently

And that is it the sunset is gone, and now the moon has come out!

by Nicole Delengos

There once was a boy named skittle

Who liked to play the fiddle

But one day got in trouble

And turned into a bubble

While playing the fiddle with his friend Bibble

What’s Inside a garbage can?
by Mariam Ahmed

Rotten banana peels

Apple skins

Rotten fish

And rotten chick-ins

Plastic cans and metal too…..

A box and a clock and a horseshoe

Springs and rings and books all new

Half of a chicken sandwich

With custard, and with goo

One rat, two rats, three rats, four…….

Lots of rats and much much more…..

Stinky diapers, icky sicky dog poo,

Old clothing of every size, empty tubes of make-up

And old French fries

Scraps of papers and mold all around…… That’s what’s

Inside a garbage can!!!!!