Selection of Poems, Fourth Grade, PS 186

'Flowing Beat'
Slow and steady beat.
Flowing music.
The great music.
Soft and relaxing.
Just like soaring through skies.
Like puffy clouds.
Like floating.
A strong feeling blasting
inside of me.
~ Ivan Szeto
'China's Lake'
In China
Just relaxing
On the beautiful lake
Floating on a boat
On top of water
Hearing the banjo play
Getting closer and closer
to land, hearing the birds
in the tree
In China
~ Salina Reckovic
I wish I had a bat
Its wings as thin as paper
It would fly like a bird
Black like a black cat
Soaring high like an airplane
Coming down like an arrow
It would be an airplane
A bat would be really awesome
~ Anton Marku
'Chinese New Year'
I'm happy!
Had to go to school -
Didn't want to.
My brother stayed home!
When I got home -
Hid it from my brother!
~ Jian Hua Liang
'Having a Peaceful Time'
Two men playing a bongo
Three girls dancing
King watching, sitting
Ocean waves, people surfing
Turning sunset
Still dancing
PPsshh! PPsshh!
Into the water, playing
~ Whitney Situ
Riding in the
Jungle catching
Animals dancing
In the
Jungle sounds
Like a roar
Eating animals
~ Oussama Ouatik
My old house
    in Pakistan
My old house
    shiny with sunlight
Sometimes boring
Sometimes happy
All over the house
Clock goes "tin tin"
Sewing machine "tuk tuk"
My old house
My old house
    in Pakistan
~ Sana Arshid
Where did the tiger
He had to go somewhere,
but nobody knows
~ Tiffany Acosta
'Wonderful Yellow'
Boom, Bong
Sounds like thunder
A big yellow sun
Tastes like
Sour lemon,
Feel happy and excited,
Never give up a fight.
~ Annie Chen
So furious!!
Brother breaking
my toys. GRRRR!!
I feel like I
Want to
Break his.
Throws things at
Me when
I do
~ Yousif Said
I am in China,
someone playing a
drum and the piano,
the steady wind,
the trees,
kids laughing and playing,
flowers growing,
flutes played by children,
so happy,
birds chirping,
fireworks popping,
~ Kyle Wong