Selection of Poems, Various Grades, PS 199X

Devil May Cry

by Erikson Puente, Second Grade

Devil may cry. 

He wanted to make a pie. 

When he made his pie,

He went outside to fly.

He saw a tie.

The tie hit his eye.

He fell on his pie.

He said “Oh my.”

Then he saw a fly, the fly hit him right in the eye.

The Hook Poem
by Joshua Donkor

I had a hook

So I took a look

So I shook my head

And went to bed

The ticker timed

The poem rhymed

I used some time

Is that a crime?

Abigail is….

by Abigail Castillo, Fourth Grade

A  Amazing

B  Beautiful

I  Intelligent

G  Glamorous

A  Adorable

I  Interesting

L  lovely


Roses Are Red
by Mya Motley, Fourth Grade

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I have allergies

So now I go



This Poem Is So Bad

by Nia Perez, Fourth Grade 

This poem is so bad

It has to be glad

It should run away

And play with the day

It should tell its age and






It’s Gross to Kiss  

by Victor Rosa Mendez, Fourth Grade 

’s in love with Timmy

But Timmy’s in love with Sue

Sue’s in love with Jimmy

And Jimmy with Sarah Laroo.


I’m not in love with anyone

I’m far too young for this.

Besides, I think it’s



            And yucky

                To kiss!

No Game No Pain
by Kenneth Whittingham, Fifth Grade

I am going to watch House of Pain.

No lame no game.

Christian is going to give Anthony some pain.

No game no lame.

Joe is so plain.

Went To Spain

by Jermaine Mills, Fifth Grade

Tymaine Tymaine went to Spain.

It’s true it’s true.

It was a shame.

So her mama went on a plane

To go to Spain to see Tymaine.

My Poem

by Christian Lopez

Debbie Debbie

She is heavy and her favorite car is a Chevy.


I Live On Jessup

by Robert Ventura

I and my friend were in this place when we checked it was the United States.

We looked around, around and around

We only saw stores stars and comics books.

We bought scary, funny, and fuzzy

We went back to Jessup to play.

I had so much fun that I said hay.



by Steven Hernandez

There are different colors

Colors are all around

You can see colors

There are colors high and low

Everything has colors

I like colors

You wear colors

Everything has colors

I like colors so much