Selection of Poems, Sixth Grade, PS 207

“Heart and Soul”

by Samantha Calabrese

Have you ever discovered this?

Well is you question me I will question you

Have you ever heard a heart mix in with a soul?

A heart and soul is what is right but do you truly know

Put in a lot of courage even in your soul

This is were the heart has a role

Discover this then forever more you will truly know

Caring is your heart, forgiveness is your soul

Forever more it is a heart & soul



by Kukuwa Ashun


Do you feel it?

            I feel I too.

Do you like it?

            I don’t either.

Do you know how to stop it?

            I don’t think I want to.

Do you know how to control it?

            Even if I tried, I wouldn’t.

What makes you feel this way?

            It’s a regular thing for me.

If someone asked you to stop, would you?

            I doubt it because it’s the only feeling I use.

Do you know if other people feel this way?

            No. I think it’s me.

What do you call this feeling?




“The Now”

by Queentina Auguste


There once was a then,

And there is a will be

But who remembers the now?


We all remember and talk about the past

We all are excited about the future,

But who talks about the now?


Nobody knows, nobody seems to care

It’s like the now isn’t even here


People still remember 9/11

And some can’t wait for the new tower

But what about all those lost souls, and people

Grieving in the now


Some people love or hate the past

Some people will love or hate the future

But what about now?




by Samantha Calabrese


Promises are when you say a say

Promises you keep don’t fade away

Promises stay by your side

Even those who can not try

Promises just stay the same they always have

Some reason to walk away

Promises say goodbye

More than they say hello

A promise is kept in your heart but you always have

To stay in touch

When you promise you keep your word

But never let it go

But a promise is a promise

Forever till time.



by Christian Capellan



            It’s too short

            Have you life



            Don’t waste it

            You got to use it



            You should be happy



            You should be happy



            Just live it up

            All the way





by Daniel Cox



Happy is when you get a new game,

Or when you have a candy cane

Happy is playing with your puppy

It’s when you get your allowance money



Sad is when your crying,

Or maybe when your pet is dying

Sad is when you get yelled at,

Because you broke your bat



Afraid is when you see a bug under the mat

Probably when you’re chased by a bat

Afraid is when you are in a spooky cave,

It walking near a cemetery grave


”Great Times and Bad Times”

by Tiffany Bishunath


I remember my uncle

He was the best uncle


And husband

You could ever find

When I firs saw him

I was surprised

He was very nice to me


When he died

I sat there and cried

And hope

This was a dream

But when I found out what happened

I knew

It was




by Brittany DeEsterno


Black; white

Smelly; quiet; slow

Soft; cuddly; huggable; small




by Jennifer Daddi


Flying high

Through the sky

Swooping down

Catching pray

National symbol

One of a kind bird




by Stephanie DeAngelis


Football, Basketball, and Soccer

All sports everyone can play

Football, Basketball and Soccer

They are all fun in many ways


Volleyball, Softball, and Baseball

Can be played all year round

Volleyball, Softball, and Baseball

Do you want to loose some pounds?


Football, Volleyball, and Basketball,

Softball, Baseball, and Soccer

Can make your boring day

Go away!



by Stephanie DeAngelis


Rainy days

Bring beautiful flowers

And bring graceful rainbows





by Stephanie DeAngelis


Warm days

Pool, Friends, Fun

No school for us






by Stephanie DeAngelis


Leaves falling

On the ground

As we walk around




by Stephanie DeAngelis



Snowy days

Schools are closed

Snowball fights all together



”I Am”

by Stephanie DeAngelis


I am …smart and pretty

I wonder…what it would be like to be president

I hear….people talking

I want…to already be an adult

I am …smart and pretty


I pretend…to be grown up and teaching

I feel…like someone is reaching out to me

I touch…the flowers in spring

I worry…about all my schoolwork

I cry…when I am sad

I am …smart and pretty


I understand…life gets tough

I say…it’s going to be a long way

I dream…about being successful

I try…to do my best

I hope to accomplish my dream

I am …smart and pretty




by Edlynn Emile


It is a way to express yourself


To release your imagination


Makes you get creative


Get messy and have fun

This is art




by Joel Forcheny


Some days I like to play

At any time any day

I like to play in months like May

There’s more than play, than fun with clay

It is impossible that this much fun doesn’t pay

Some people just stay home and stay and stay

Well not me because I like to play



by Olivia Gutierrez



Balls bouncing on the ground

“SWOOSH” they go through the hoop

Defense, offense

Guards, center, and forward




by Dylan Kirsh


Hockey is fun,

And you don’t need to run

You need to be smart

And have a big brain

And also be able to skate in your lane

You make a lot of friends

Hang out after school

Now this sport will make you not a fool

It is physical but easing pain you need

This will make you play like my friend Pat Meed

Hockey is fun

Hockey is great

And with a mean coach never be late



”Promise Ring”

by Shaina Rene Lowe Ham

I thought you wouldn’t break my heart

But now we are apart

I gave you my heart and you ripped it apart


You promised to never lie

When you asked me to never cry

When you left me with a promise ring

I  threw it on the ground

And you made me wonder about the promise about the love that I found


Now I know that it wasn’t true

Because you left me blue.




“The Beautiful Sight of the Flag”

by Brian Lundy

The beautiful sight

Of the one night

Bombs in the air

Shining brightly

Up there


The beautiful sight

Of that one night

The flag raised up high

Almost touching the sky


The beautiful sight

Of that one night

The red, white, and blue

Right there standing true


He beautiful sight

Of that one night

Withstanding the night

Of the dangerous fight

The flag had done



by Marisa McAvoy

I hate textbooks

Thing and large

Overflowing to and fro

Weighing like a ton of bricks

Heavy, Heavy




“The Sickness”

by Chelsea Miller

Something is killing me,

What can it be?

Defeating my inner strength

The courage I once had is gone.

The tells me I cannot live any longer,

It tells me I will not grow any stronger

That my muscles are breaking down,

My flesh is burning to the ground.

That I will never get to see the sun during day,

Or see the stars in the night

It tells me that life is over and nothing counts

It tells me that my voice is gone

Nothing to say.

It tells me that I will never get to see my children play…


But the sickness is wrong…

I may not be strong,

But every thing counts.

And I have a voice

It is…

That every minute should be your last

Because you will never know when death will pass,

So make the better of it.

Be the best,

Stand with pride and honor you life.

When you are finished

You journey is done

With success and happiness,

Tell the people of my nation, to make the right choice

Every second and moment rise and rejoice.

Love yourself,

Respect yourself,

And be yourself,

No one else

Do what is right,

I have a message before I die…

Have pride and life your life.





by Elijah Milligan


Darkness arise,

Dearness kills;

Darkness shows its merciless skill…


Darkness here,

Darkness there,

Darkness everywhere.


You ask yourself

Why me

Why does darkness hate me…


It eats me alive

Leaving my flesh behind


My soul searches in the darkness

And finds nothing but…darkness


The darkness took my hand

And showed me the way

And now

I have become exactly what I hate…




by Gabrielle Rios


Black, White;

Runs so swiftly;

Ever so calm and poised





“As I Grew Older”

by Miranda Rosa

As I grew older…

Everything started to change.

They came as fast as they went,

But never showed.


As I grew older…

I realized these things,

These things that never showed,

But as I grew older




My teachers have told me,

“You will go far,”

I did not think that I could go this far

So I followed my heart to find

These things that never showed,

Until now when they



I thank you for listening to

These things that

Never showed


But as you grow older,

You will see that they,





by Joseph Santoro


They glimmer and

  Shine like armor

    On  a knight. Bait

        Fish flashing water

            Churning, seagulls

                 Soaring above.

                     How I love the way

                         They swim by

                             Themselves or in

                                 A school. I watch

                                     On the deck

                                         As they glimmer

                                              And shine

                                          On a warm




”You were by me”

by Danielle Santos


You were by me when I came home

You were there when I needed a hug


You were there when I took my first steps

You were by me when I said my first word


Everyday is a different day between you and me

You love me for me


When I was crying your kiss made me smile and glow

You picked me up gently, when I fell down


Your gentle touch when you hug me

Or at nights when you tuck me in


When we laugh, we cry, we get mad

But you were by me every step of the way




by Tasmia Irtaza

Spring is a time to cheer

People play and are here

Round the trees, animals live

Inside of houses, no one stays

Now who wants to be outside on a sunny day?

Good people of course, like these days.




by Romney LeVeille



It finds its way

 Around the world

It moves in wiggly twirls

It just keeps going

And going


It reaches

What we all hate…


It fights until it has defeated

And conquered




by Maria Tedesco


Snow falling everywhere,

Over here and over there.

Kids love to play in it,

Especially in the day.

So it is really fun

For everyone

Snow falling everywhere,

Over here and over there!