Selection of Poems, Fifth Grade, PS 217K

A Short Kid's Life
by Abbas Mohammad

Many people underestimate me

because I am so small.

But do they really know me,

do they know me at all?


I’m 10 years old.

I’m in the 5th grade.

December 25th a

gift was made.


All in all I'd like to say

like this rhyme,

my name is Abbas,

and Im one of a KIND!



by Andy Ko

Earth is a place,

Where people live.


It has 7 continents,

and 4 oceans.


Earth is the third

planet in our solar system.


by Hifsa Mohammad

I sleep at night,

I wake up at night.


The stars lift me up until

the moon fills me up. 


I  wonder

by Ikera Tariq

I wonder who picked

a crayon and made the sun!!


I wonder who picked a marker

and made the Earth!!

I wonder!!

Do you wonder?


I wonder who made people!!

Do you wonder?

I know I wonder!


I wonder who picked a magic marker

and made buildings, houses, and stores!!

I wonder, I wonder!!

Do you wonder?

I wonder a lot!!

True Friends To The End

by Iliana Rodriguez

True Friends are people

who care for you.


True Friends will be at your side

when you fall.


True Friends are friends

that call you at night

and see if you are o.k..


True Friends have your

back when you are

in trouble.


True Friends are like

your sister for life,

two peas in a pod.


True Friends are True Friends

until the end.

My Birthday

by Selena Bryant

My Birthday

October 18th.

It’s a Friday.


Can’t wait till I get home

I will be loaded with



My dog is excited

She knows what day it is


She gives me a present that’s special


She brings me her special collar

I put it on her.


The Best Day Ever

The Pack Rats

by Suma Akter

The attic has got to be my most favorite place in our house.

Both my parent are pack rats.

They never throw anything away.

It all goes up into the attic,

stuff from my grandparents,

and yard sales and things

that got left behind by the last owner of the house.

It is like a museum up there

A museum of odd and ends,

dusty old stuff,

from long ago,

and just plain junk.

The New Sibling

by Tristan Jordan

Friday night was my sleepover,

I stayed up till 4 a.m.


The next day my parents had a surprise.

They told me that they are going to buy a new car,

but the catch is....


"I’m pregnant”, my mother says.

My Pet Fish is Dead

by Uzma Ijaz

My pet fish is dead.

I couldn't believe my eyes.


I felt a cold breeze inside of me.

I looked at him but didn't say anything,

nor did I move.


I looked away then I looked back,

but he still didn't move,

nor did I.


My pet fish is dead.