Selection of Poems, Third Grade, PS 32

What do Numbers Stop At?

By Alexa Newman

When I count to 199 I think, "Am I finished yet?"

I count to 1,000 and I think "Am I finished yet?"

Finally I stop. But I realize numbers have a job to never ever stop.

Not even if I say so.

But I'm the number queen.

So what?

It doesn't matter.

Numbers do not have a master
So we may never know when numbers stop!

By: Elijah Coyle

B all passes to a panther

A rebound comes

S ubstitution is here

K yle-lai-fatt the coach

E tan Thomas dunks

T yrus Thomas has an injury

B ow goes with the trophy

A llen Iverson for three

L ies to the ref

L ike he's not on the line

The Cheetah 

By: Jacob Jarvis

Quietly, it looks for prey…

Ready to chase its prey...

If it runs away

Or tries to escape.

Fast it grabs its prey and puts it in its stomach


My Headache

By: Jada Burke

It is out of control!

I can't stop it

It is like a demon, a demon I tell you! 

Please calm own, please.."

But I can't, it can't stop.

I am going to turn into an evil person.

Then the eyes walked onto the Asprin...the thing that can help me!

So I ate the Asprin

The victim vanished!

Watching Videos

By Tyler Evans

Watchin' videos on T.V.

Learning new moves from MTV

Dancing stuff

Makes me tough

Yaa...moving to the beat

What a treat

Whoa! Keeping in motion

What a notion

Quickly come

Listen to the rhythm

Let's all dance

This is your last chance


By: Nakyia Salley

Fat, red meatballs

White  L   O    N   G   

Spaghetti noodles

Green dark garlic

The meatballs are juicy

Meatballs, meatballs

So big, so juicy

Light red

A lot of sauce

Circles like a sphere

So chewy and juicy.