Selection of Poems, Fifth Grade, PS 4

By Jailene Rodriquez

Refreshing your memories

Like seeing friends like family.

Sun rising with your friends and family

Violence is wrong, peace is right.

Education is to bring you together with your friends.

Mothers fighting for your education

Education is what brings you together

Now hear ends the lesson.

By Jenna Tavarez

Love blows sprinkles of water on the rocky shore of my heart

and transforms into my soul

screaming a message that cannot be understood.

Love is a journey that will carry you into seas of despair

with eerie subjects

You cannot figure out why

but it attracts you into the mist of distress that turns you yellow.

By Zion Truss

Water to Earth

The earth’s wind sends waves

Like wild life moving swiftly through the forest

Hearing only yourself and the environment around you

Water crashing over you like the deep shadows of the jungle

Sending the cold wetness of the water like the chill air of the night

Water to Earth

By Kassandra Izquierdo

My mother is like a wave of darkness upon me

My grandmother is like the prettiest sunset that the world has ever seen

Birth and death are like stillness within me

Darkness can never be light

Like the drugs that hit my mother

Like a wave of destruction

And she left her kids that love her still

In the stillness

And the sadness

With the violence

Like the hate that compared me and my mother

Salt water coming out of your eyes saying…

Can you love me…what have I ever done to you?

You never gave me happiness or love!

I always gave you love and I will always give you love!

I will always give it back to you!

Without question