Selection of Poems, Second Grade, PS 55Q

Through My Senses
by Bryan Castelan
     I see a helpful hand to a best friend.
     I hear a kind conversation between my mom and dad.
     I taste a generous meal from my mom and sister.
     I touch my sister when we cooperate cleaning together.
     I smell a thoughtful pie from my mom.
     I am nice blue!
by Manessa Percival
     I see a hardworking girl taking care of her sister,
     I touch a lonely girl that misses her mother,
     I smell a wonderful perfume that is made with Love,
     I hear that a girl lied and apologized,
     I taste a cake that is full of Respect and Kindness
     I am lovely Pink.
My Senses
by Kyle Mendoza
     I see a helpful mom wrapping presents.
     I hear my mom saying nice words on the phone.
     I touch my wonderful friend who shared his snack.
     I taste delicious cancy with my generous friend.
     I smell good hot chocolate cooking while I'm patient.
     I am happy pink.