Selection of Poems, Fifth Grade, PS 80Q

By: Jessica Ejoifor

Can it blind a sight?
Can it break or pause the rage?
Can it stop time with it's forever
special unique power?
No doubt it could put hate out of business.
With courageousness & excitement can it create fighting.
Yet it produces freedom of expression
for all of the blessed.
It amazes life, creating differences
that will endure and stain forever.

By: Lisa Faust

My life is hard even though, I am a kid.
People say that life cant be hard because you're just 10
But they don't know what life I have to live.
Everyday is like a college math problem
Or like a decimal that never ends.
It's like falling in Niagara Falls and never getting out.
It's like I will never get out...ever.
So do you still think my life is just a piece of cake?

By: Elizabeth Bailey

Clouds are puffy
Clouds aren't stuffy
Clouds are white
Clouds are light
Clouds disappear
into the night

By: Fernando Hernandez

Clouds, Clouds are so white.
I love clouds, they're so bright.
They are so high, in the sky.
Into the high sky, I wish I can fly.