Selection of Poems, Ninth Grade, Bronx High School for Performance and Stagecraft

Do you See What's Going on Around You?
by Kevyn Colon 
Do you see what's going in around you?
No, because all you see is the war in Iraq.
Do you see what's going in around you?
I guess not - just look at the suffering in Uganda.
Do you see what's going in around you?
I don't think so
because there is still people getting killed
for what they believed in
and the color of their skin.
Do you see what's going in around you?
Not! Because gas prices are higher than ever.
Do you see what's going in around you?
Guess not, because I'm still struggling
to get out of the projects.
Beginning Theory
by Patrick Imoh
How did the world begin?
Did it start with a flash of lightning
or with the calm moonlight
feeding the voidless earth?
Was it created fast
or was it created with intense tenderness?
Did it flow like a cloud
or was it hectic like a volcano?
How did the creator feel
before constructing this magnificent wonderous ball?
Did he feel angry like the roar in volcanoes,
or filled with kindness like
a peaceful waterfall?
Was he or she satisfied with things created?
If not created, how did this planet we dwell on
all start out?
We will never know,
but another question to raise...
how will it end?
My Role Model
by Anna Boateng
Her face shines so brightly like the sun
in a July afternoon.
Her love is so deep it can kill.
Her striving is as powerful as a mother bird
trying to find food for her children.
Her smile is like a Colgate commercial
on Channel 4.
Her beauty is intriguing.
Her heart is of precious as a gold locket.
Her personality, kindness, love and hope
is something I yearn for.
My role model, my fear, my hope, my everything,
my Mom.
I Am
by Kaswanuh Freeman
I am the only one you don't understand.
I am the one who wishes
she could just fly away like Peter Pan.
I am the one who deals with the fact
that I can die before my time.
I am the one who wishes
she couldn't tell time.
I am the one who doesn't know
what to wear in the morning.
I am the one who wishes she knew
how to pretend.
I am the one you wish you understood.
I am the one from the 'hood.
I am the one that needs help the most.
I am the one who can't find her pride.
I am the one who died inside from the corruption.
I am the one who feels disrupted.
I am the one without connection.
I am the only one who feels like an oddball.
I am unwanted in the world with no intentions.
I am the one always misled.
I am the one who was once in love.
I am the one who had their heart broken.
I am the one hidden in the shadows.
I am...
I am...
I am...
I Am Everything
by Kimberly VanDerburg
I am a cold tiger
waiting for someone to rescue me.
Help me, please,
my paw is stuck
in my owner's oven.
I can't get it out because
the door is shut
putting pressure on my paw.
It hurts,
it's painful.
I am a type of food that is greasy.
Some people will eat me,
most won't.
I am a Big Mac
waiting for Ms. DiSavino to come
and save me
from this horror.
I have been trapped
in this box for two hours
and nobody ordered me.
I wonder why?
I am a race car speeding down the street
having fun doing my thing
stopping every time,
matter of fact,
every five minutes at a stop sign,
waiting and waiting.
Finally, I put my foot on the gas
and step on it.
Still having fun,
I got thirsty
so I stopped for some gas -
Boy, that was good.
Now, I'm fully loaded and ready
to head back home
for a nap.

by Melissa Ramirez
like a furious tiger
when we behave badly.
like a cheetah running to
catch her prey.
like the sun rising
to give us light.
with a big heart
equal to everyone.
loving and caring
because she loves us all.
we all love her love.
My Friend, Love
by Deven Nieves
Love is like a rocket
launching into space.
For some people
it's easy to find.
For others, it's hard.
Some people think love is worth
dying for,
others disagree.
Love wears red, white and pink clothing.
She has lots of lives to change for the better.
Love has a huge family,
but her favorite cousin is Happiness.
Well, that's love for you.
Love is in the air.
A Beautiful Love
by Nurkis Mariano
A beautiful love
one that wasn't complete
has grown its wings
and flown away.
The chances were done -
that's it, she's gone.
A beautiful love
so strong but at risk
has been thrown away
and treated like dirt.
The chances were done -
that's it, she's gone.
A beautiful love
so hard to let go
has gone so far
now I'll never know
what a beautiful love I had.
Is Love a Tender Thing? (a found poem using lines from Hip Hop songs and Shakespeare's plays)
by Elvis Sesenton
Is love a tender thing?
Love is a spirit of all compact of fire
Sweet music will start...
I want you to be the music
of my art.
For such as I am all true lovers am I
And it feels so beautiful -
put it in a rhyme
because it's love
I feel so alive inside me
you have liberated me
If they do not love you,
do not show your love
until you are deeply in love,
I just want you to know that
your whole being is beautiful
I chose a road of passion
and pain, sacrificed too much
in vain
So speak low if you are speaking
about love...
Is love a tender thing?


Best friend
by Megan Vicenty

As she sits there and writes

memories flash back

when we first met I can’t forget.

I just want you to know,

even though we fight

you're still my friend

and we'll find the light.

So many times we laugh, cry, play, sing

you're still my friend, even though you get cranky and mean.

No matter what happens to us

I want you to know

no fight in this world can split us apart

you'll still be my friend and have my heart.

by Kitonna Rose

He kicks me in the back of my head
each and every day.
He wears a black jacket
and lets me borrow it.
He works inside my heart
where the blood pumps.
When he takes a day off,
he calls over his family members,
Anger and Depression,
to take over.
He is the one
that leaps on me
whenever I think of my mother
and the electricity between us.
He is the one
who blinded me at age 11.
He is the one
I can't let go of,
the one
who takes control,
the one
I fear.