Poems by Rasica Selvarajah, 10th Grade, Staten Island Technical High School

The Hero Verses the Cad

Haunted by the darkness,
Lured to enter its domain.
Blinded by the brightness,
Led away from what it contains.
The good against the bad.
A war betwixt he and you.
The hero verses the cad.
Choose one or two.
No One But My Mother

Her words are like diamonds,
Her way is like a pearl,
Her eyes shine like emeralds,
Her heart or ruby is the world.
Her wonders everyone can see,
Her company is truly a pleasure.
Love and support she can guarantee,
Her beauty one cannot measure.
Her love is pure and unconditional,
More precious than a gem.
Sometimes she is serious and professional,
But there's nothing she won't sacrifice for them.
Like her there is no other,
Because she is my one and only mother.
An Ode to Friendship
She appears silent, elusive, and grim.
When you know her she is sometimes blue.
Her mood is not as prim,
As when is she is first introduced to you.
When you need her to inspire,
She is there to talk and cheer.
She is like the conflagration that began as fire,
And is the lion who is without fear.
She has different interests than me,
And we often argue and scream.
However she can make me see,
That we are made from the same seam.
Differences can bind us because we have trust,
And in the end no one can separate us.