"The Monster," Deanna Sorge, Sixth Grade, PS 207K

The “Monster”

You wake up confused and groggy. It’s a lovely May 18 1980 the sun is shining bright. You glance at your clock and it’s only 8: 30. Little did you know that in two minutes something extravagant is going to happen. You open the window slightly and you feel the cool May breeze. You suddenly feel a rumble. The rumble gets loud and your heart is pounding. You smell smoke it stings you throat and make your eyes tear. You shut the window and go downstairs.

The house shakes and you try to keep balance. Everything is falling glasses, pots, and pans and books fly off the shelves. You are very confused and you ask what is happening. You search window to window and see a blanket of black smoke cover the beauty of outside. Your legs are shaking and you feel like your heart is going to burst open. You glance out your window again and you see that Mt. St. Helens is erupting. Lava is pouring and you see people running back and fourth. You also see people getting covered with the thick magma and the monster called lava.

You hear cries people are screaming “COME ON” “RUN”. All you can do is watch the “monster” tower over people. Everything slow it feels like your life is crashing down with the volcano. Your life is vibrating in the terror of Mt. St. Helens. BOOM CRASH. You see houses being blown and lava melting everything it looks like wax melting from a candle. The next day came like winter slow. The “monster” came and destroyed houses and people. You realize it destroyed people’s hearts not just the people around the volcano. This is the “monster” of Mt. St. Helens.

You wake up from the disaster and you find life was brought back to Mt. St. Helens. You see deer and elk jumping over tiny grass stubs that will soon bloom. You also see butterflies happily fly and the beautiful song of the birds. Ashes of the volcano remain but you look to the positive. You remember the grace of the volcano. You realize this summer life sprung like plants on a cool spring day.