"Stuck in Detention," Christina Sperazza, Sixth Grade, PS 122Q

Oh when will he come
to save me from this monster.
I´ve been waiting all day
After school hours.
Oh when will he come
I´m calling from the room,
"Get over here now or you´re in big trouble!"
I´ve had enough of this nonsense,
Enough of the suspense,
I´m sorry what I did-
I´ll never do it again.
I didn´t mean to throw the airplane
Right at my teachers head.
You see I have bad aim,
Just look at me in gym!
So you see, it´s not my fault,
So why am I still here?
I don´t deserve to be punished,
Just get me out of here!
Didn´t my brother read the text right
Where could he be?
Doesn´t he care
I´m stuck in detention