"Life," Samira Sujkovic, Eighth Grade, IS 141

Live life in order to survive,

Life is full of drama and problems.

I sat down on a bench to think,

But noticed it was too late to do anything.


I came across through many people in life,

Some where there for me, some weren’t.

I thought and I thought,

And wondered why I ever let them into my life.


I thought they would be there for me when I needed them turns out they weren’t!


I will not turn around and pretend to be part of your life again,

Listen to your lies over and over again.

I thought I could trust you,

But you were jus like the others.


I thought and I thought why would u do this to me?


I jumped out of my seat and hollered,

Again and again.

Your not worth ending my life for anyways,

I will enjoy the last bits of life.


My life is amazing! It’s amazing without you!