Poems by Monica Rae Summer Gonzalez, Eighth Grade, MS 51


Hold your breath
Drowning in a pool of never ending work
Struggling to reach the surface
To breathe again
Yet the water keeps getting deeper
And you keep sinking farther
You were only going to dip your feet
To get ahead of the game
But the water pulled you under
Taking you down until you just could not

Can't a Poem Just Be?

Why can’t a poem
Just be a poem?
The pencil agrees
It hates having to be bitten on
And the top of its’ head,
Where the eraser is,
Is nothing more, but a stub
It hides its shame
With a rubber toupee
That has bright colors
That give it away
Why can’t a poem
Just be a poem?
The paper agrees too
It’s always being crossed out on
Crumbled up
Or ripped into a million and 2
Can’t a poem
Just be a poem?
There is no need for all this
The kid’s head are hurting
And hands are burning
Why does the meaning
Have to be deeper that this?
Why can’t a poem
Just be a poem?