"I Just Can't Say Goodbye," Toni Marie Seguinot, 11th Grade, Bronx Leadership Academy

I see you there in class, joking around.
Talking to your friends and never sitting still.
I picture you walking me to class, you always did.
The memories roll through my head and...
                                              I just can't say goodbye.
We are family, remember
We always called each other names
And no matter what, you were always my big brother
And I know I was always your little sis and...
                                              I just can't say goodbye.
Knowing in my head
All the good things you could have done.
You were going to change the world in your own special way.
Knowing you had a gift that God gave you,
Your wonderful voice when you sang.
You touched people's heart and ...
                                              I Just can't say goodbye.
To one of my best friends in the world
To the one that always had my back, no matter what.
To the boy that always put a smile in my face,
Even when I was down and...
                                              I just can't say goodbye.
But knowing you're up in heaven,
Looking down and watching out for everyone you love.
Knowing your sitting there joking with God,
And singing with the Angels is good enough for me.
Jamal don't forget
To save us all a spot because...
                                              I just can't say goodbye.
To someone so dear to my heart,
I'll just say...                           
                                              I LOVE YOU

In Loving Memory of :
Jamal Thomas, - Bronx Leadership Academy , H.S
November 24, 1991 - November 20, 2006