Selection of Poems, Eighth Grade, Mark Twain Intermediate School

Three Minutes

By Noa Bricklin 


Giggles, clips and phrases
Float merrily above the halls
Laughter rises, smiles blaze
Bouncing along the walls

Teachers scold our noise
And unleash a menacing gaze
Yet chuckle softly to themselves
Look at kids these days

As the chaos turns to quiet
Trickles instead of flows
Teachers start their lessons
Forty-five minutes to go


The Three Grades of Mark Twain

By Emily Koo


Lost and all alone,

Wandering aimlessly in hopes of true friendship,

Seeds of hope are planted in those who seem trustworthy,

Sixth grade at Mark Twain.


Friends are found and groups are formed,

Bonds grow strong and people merge together,

Everlasting memories created and treasured moments shared,

Seventh grade at Mark Twain.


Tears are wept because of the fate of separation,

Good byes are said, but friends will stay together,

True friendships last and grow stronger,

Eighth grade at Mark Twain.


Mark Twain I.S. 239

By Daria Chernysheva


See them walking,

See them talking,

See them milling in the classrooms.

Hear the whispers, hear the shouts,

Hear that flitting all about.

Watch the sunlight filter through the windows.

Teachers drone for what seems forever,

Students cluster in groups together,

Tune in to the inside jokes and private conversations.

Homeworks scribbled under desks,

Binders, notebooks in a mess,

Friends pestered in the hallways for the answers to an exam.

Bells, announcements, groans and cheers,

Friends. Teachers. Pedagogues. Peers.

Welcome to Mark Twain I.S. 239 for the Gifted and Talented.



Moving On

By Emily Benfeld


such an easy phrase

so hard to do

no matter what life may bring us

we have to move on

from a sixth grader to an eighth

from wanting to leave

to wanting to say,

we have to move on

so many memories

so little time

saying goodbye

we have to move on


Thank You for Everything 

By Ilona Melamed 

I look into my mirror,

the tears begin anew.

How can I be leaving?

How can this be true? 


My home away from home,

is sending me away,

on a new journey,

but still I wish to stay. 


My friends, I can not leave you,

because first I need to say,

how much I will miss you,

every single day.


All the times we’ve shared together.

All the laughs and screams endured.

I can’t, and won’t forget you,

of this, please be assured.


Through hardships, pain and inside jokes.

Through challenges and so much fun.

Through things that helped us get together,

and things that made us come undone.


Thank you everyone for everything,

all the things you’ve helped me see.

Thank you everyone for everything,

that you have given me. 



It Will Leave Its Shadow

By Oleg Golubev


One thing to remember

One thing to know

Is any type of ember

Will not keep its glow


Yet as warmth set the mood                      

Surely a trace it will leave                           

 Where it had fittingly stood                                   

On the previous eve                                        


A few moments recorded

On an endless tape

Will never be sorted

In the order they shape.


But for those minutes

The meaning will sustain

For those we experienced

Here at Mark Twain


Times I Will Never Forget

By Danielle Kovarsky


Spanish, science, English, math,

Social studies and creative writing,

All these things I learned in school

Are fun and so exciting!

Friendships lasting,

Friendships ending,

Learning who my real friends are

And who are just pretending

Eating lunch in classes,

Studying for a test,

Losing all my lunchboxes

These times are the best!

Getting grades

Both good and bad,

Feeling happy,

Feeling sad

Talking with a group of friends,

Singing on the stairs,

Screaming the most random things,

Doing silly dares

Moving on from crush to crush

Friends always by my side,

Giggling, twirling, laughing,

Smiles big and wide!

In all my years of middle school,

There’s nothing I regret.

I will always have those memories

Which I never will forget!




By Isabelle Ng


A smile

S P R E A D I N G across my face

A tear









A silky gown covering my body

A pair of fancy shoes concealing my feet

A diploma in hand


Proudly standing on the podium

Cameras capturing every second

Hands applauding respectfully

Spreading words of congratulations


Looking back on my three year journey



Cheerful moments, gloomy moments

Weird moments, extraordinary moments


Standing taller than ever

Leaving the podium

With one thought in mind:

My experience at Twain will never be forgotten.



Tears. Smiles. Hugs.

The end.