"Spring is a Ray of Sunshine," Vanessa Cora, Fourth Grade, Mother Hale Academy

Spring is a ray of sunshine and cool breeze of air that is blowing in my hair.


Feels like a world without noise.


Spring is people sleeping in warm beds...... dreaming all day.


Reminds me of Pennsylvania where the neighborhoods are very quiet.


Sounds like a class room that is empty. When you hear a bird, there will be an echo.


Reminds me of when I come to extended Day… all you can hear are pencils moving.


Looks like a neighborhood full of flowers and trees.


Reminds me of when I go to the park, I’m the only one there.


Taste like warm milk with cookies and whipped cream.


Reminds me of when I see flowers and children playing.


Spring is a beautiful season to me because it is always cool.


Spring Is A Ray Of Sunshine.