"Fire," Matthew Whelan, Sixth Grade, PS 207

anger and fury of a burning flame,
                      when water isn't enough to douse the mane
                                      an amazing spirit burning inside,
                      they couldn't stop it,
no matter how hard they tried
                      an atomic fire ball, hot on tongue
                                       a day in the wood, blacked out by the sun
                                                 this amber stone, fire rock
a burning beat just like a clock
                      it whispers to come closer,
                                        shouts to stay away,
a sunset on a sunless day
                     slipping in the forest, singed rock moss,
         hide from the fire, burning so cross
but it renews the grass and trees
                    being destroyed but begging please,
help me come back, stop this siege
                         a love, a passion burning inside
              impossible to blow out,
 impossible to hide
                 making you crazy,
                                       keeping you sane
  traveling through ,
                             a non stop train
                                                       it may warm
or it may singe
    can't hide from it,
             can't keep it near
               does it warm
                   or does it sear?
the worst of the best...or nothing to fear