Selection of Poems, Ninth Grade, Washington Irving High School


by Randy Singh

Way up high, in the sky they shine

No one can call them mine

They are in a space we all share

Even though we can’t see them, we know they are there


We count the starts, we try our best

Even though we know they are endless

Some are big, and some are small

But we still count them all.


Stars are like batteries, eventually they die out

They won’t come back, I doubt

But they never die in our hearts.

“Soccer Is My Life”

by Ramey Aly

Soccer: the sport I love to play everyday

I call up my friends so we can all chill

We play soccer mostly on a Sunday

We bet some money to see who can win

I played soccer when I was just five years old

My Uncle taught me how to kick the ball

I play soccer when it is hot or cold

Happy parents cheer when I score a goal

After the game they choose me as the most valuable player

They take my friends and me for some ice cream

My friends ask me to chill, I say later

During the game we play like a great team

Soccer is my life and my future

And with soccer my dreams won’t be butchered



by Kayla Perez

I stare into the cloudy skies

Looking for my silver lining

Looking for my moment of clarity

But all I saw was the gray and black clouds


A storm is coming

I wonder if I could survive this one

Was I ready for another downfall?

Was I prepared to overcome what lies before me?


Bit it is now that I realize

That after all the storms

There is always sunshine


It’s as life is readying itself for a new beginning

I take a quick glance before I leave

And right there staring back at me

Is a bright star letting me know

I’m not alone